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Events and Festivals in Mandarmani After visiting a tourist spot the additional achievement is the experience and memory of local culture and festival of the particular place. If you once visit Mandarmani, you can come to know about the culture and festivals of Mandarmani and Digha as well. By the way, Digha is another near- by sea beach of Mandarmani. So you will get another sea beach within a short distance from Mandarmani. There are many festivals available in both the places, including Mandarmani and Digha. For example you can get the taste of beach festivals like Surf and the Sand Fest. Both the festivals take place on the beach only. So it seems more interesting and attractive.

This is true that the sand festivals are not available in our plain lands. So these will be really new to us. These festivals are full of enthusiasm. These two sand festivals are also seen in Mandarmani too. Anyone can enjoy these. All the local people take part in these sand festivals. And they celebrate these festivals with full of enthusiasm.

all about Mandarmani If you consider both the festivals Surf and Sand Fest, there are some common features are within these two festivals. Basically in both the festivals, they arrange various types of sports, different types of activities; dance forms, various local music and show off their own culture. Basically these are arranged for the sake of amusement of the local people. They can dance, they can sing and they take part in any kind of sports. People usually make much fun from these festivals. If you wish to enjoy these festivals, you have to visit the places during the particular time. Here you can also enjoy the sand party with your favorite wine and partner.

The festivals Surf and the Sand Fest are the perfect place to enjoy. The sand people enjoy with wearing new dresses. They sing various songs and perform different types of dances. They take wine with their own taste. Irrespective of kids, girls, boys, men, women, and old people take part in the festivals. These are really refreshing for them. So they never miss these. It is their belief that if they can take part of these festivals their age must extended for some extent. These give them proper oxygen to live in.

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