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This is one of the mesmerizing resorts of Mandarmani. A quaint spot on the side of te beach, houses this medium sized resort. The decorations have been taken excellent care of with a background of matching and colourful walls.

It houses an open space in front. Other resorts are visible from here.

It comprises of beautifully decorated homes, that never cease to delight tourists. With floors of white marbles, and beautifully decorated colourful walls, Bhorer Alo resort is an attraction to every travellers eyes. The bedding is a big box bed with cosy pillows and a table on the bedside. The rooms comprise of a chair and lcd tvs. You can surf your favourite channels and do not have to miss on your favourite shows. The rooms further comprise of a wooden cupboard, with a glass imprinted that functions as your mirror. Every room has an attached washroom. Geysers are available for summers.

Bhorer Alo resort is essentially a totally air conditioned hotel. The resort has a seaside view, which completes your journey to Mandarmoni. Cool breeze comes in every hour of the day making your feel right on the beach while you relax at home.

Essentially Bhorer Alo resort offers you, a clean breezy surface, along with a quaint balcony on the front porch. You can enjoy the breeze of the sea and the magnificent view seated on the balcony itself. On two sides of these rooms are hay made shades, meant as sitting options. The view of the sea is clear from these spots too.

To those who prefer to have greenery around, the resort houses a beautiful garden in the front space. They are not accessible to public though and have bamboo barricades on all sides. The bamboos have been implanted on a decorated basis, and look really nice. A bamboo bench also houses just for a view of the sea.

The restaurant to this resort can be considered to be a good option. It is clean and the food is good. The resort has its own parking space, available for tourists.

For those visiting Mandarmani, this can actually be considered a great option.

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Room type

Non Ac Semi Dlx

Max Occupancy: 2 adults
Rs. 1100/-
+10% Tax avg/night

Non Ac Dlx View

Max Occupancy: 2 adults
Rs. 1400/-
+10% Tax avg/night

Ac Dlx 2Bed View

Max Occupancy: 2 adults
Rs. 1900/-
+12.42% Tax avg/night

Non Ac Dlx Front View

Max Occupancy: 2 adults
Rs. 1900/-
+10% Tax avg/night

Ac Dlx 2Bed Side View

Max Occupancy: 2 adults
Rs. 1950/-
+12.42% Tax avg/night

Ac Dlx 2Bed Front View

Max Occupancy: 2 adults
Rs. 2350/-
+12.42% Tax avg/night

Hotel Features includes Air conditioning,Restaurant,Television in Room,Parking Available,Room Service,Pets Allowed,

  • Air conditioning
  • Restaurant
  • Television in Room
  • Parking Available
  • Room Service
  • Pets Allowed

Prasenjit Das
from Kolkata

Posted 8/16/2016 12:53:39 AM

Excellent facilities - total money's worth. Great location, nice food, good hospitality, Rooms are cosy. A must-stay resort in Mandarmani.

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